– 1 Handle of Everclear

– 1 Pack of V-Day Heart Candies

– 2 Liters of Cool Aid

– 1 Bottle of Sprite

– 3 cups of Love



Need a quick and easy Pumpkin Pie Recipe? This our homemade recipe 🙂


– Pre-Baked frozen pie crust
– 1 can of purée pumpkin
– 1 can of sweetned condensed milk
– 2 eggs
– 2 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice


– Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Poor into the pie crust. Bake in preheated 425° F oven for 15 minutes. Reduce temperature to 350° F; bake for 40 to 50 minutes or until knife inserted near center comes out clean. Cool on wire rack for 2 hours. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Top with whipped cream before serving.







Need a quick and easy dinner idea. Try this quick 4 step lasagna:

What you’ll need:

– 9 Oven-ready Lasagna noodles
– 10 oz bag of Spinach
– 30 grams of Ricotta Cheese (2 cups)
– Bag of shredded Mozzarella Cheese
– A bag of Spinach
– 1/2 Onion
– 2 cloves garlic

1. In a saucepan sauté onions garlic and spinach
2. Mixed Sautéed vegetables with Ricotta
3. In a oven safe dish layer (in order) 3 lasagna noodles, Ricotta/vegetable mixer, Mozzarella – repeat, put last layer of Lasagna and garnish with Mozzarella
4. Cook in preheated oven of 375 degrees F and cook for about 1 hour


Brought to you by Udwell – A comprehensive listing of off campus housing near UD 




After a long weekend of partying and drinking, it is inevitable that you will get the worst hangover the next day. Leaving you not able to do your homework, go to the gym or anything else productive you planned to do. Here are some quick tips on how to quickly cure your hangover:

1. Drink Water – As you already know…or should know by now. Alcohol dehydrates you. Chug a bottle of water before you go to bed and continuously drink it the next day. I suggest putting it out by your bed before you take that first shot because your drunken self might not remember reading this.

2. GREASY FOOD – Now you finally have an excuse for a bacon, egg & cheese and not feel that bad about the calories.

3. Pickle juice – Ok, don’t freak out. This seriously is probably the best (legal) hangover cure I know. It gives you electrolytes without any sugar, which is exactly what you need to stop the nausea & dehydration. Eating a regular pickle works too but the “juice” is better and goes down quicker.

4. Natural herbs – Ok, don’t make me actually say it, but this is an obvious one. Oh, and green tea is a pretty solid herb alternative for nausea without all that other good stuff.

4. Drink more alcohol – All-you-can drink mimosa specials or make-your-own Bloody Mary bar, pick your poison. You won’t feel hungover until you stop drinking again 😉

Cheers & happy hangover!


End of August

From the blog of “A Day in the Life of a 20-Something Year Old”


Well since I haven’t written on what was my new blog since Nam, I figured what better way to start back up again with a back to school post?


So what does it mean when August is coming to its end? That summer is basically over. That it is officially time to start packing your things, convince your mom you have absolutely NO clothes and need to go back to school shopping, and do whatever has to be done for some last minute cash – because if you’re anything like me, then you’ve wasted away all of your money over the summer on clothes you didn’t need, sushi and frozen yogurt which you also probably didn’t need, and of course adventures in NYC (for Instagram – example below).



Most importantly, the end of August means that it is time to head back to school. Which of course is the time most of us have been looking forward to since finals ended back in May. But as for the select few who aren’t thrilled to get back to their college grounds… then, well, that’s just weird. Because this begins a new semester where we get to reunite with all of the people we love to be around, where there is no such thing as drinking too early or too much (the same goes for eating), and where we have absolute freedom. And if you don’t remember why or are not fortunate enough to know why getting back to school is so fabulous, please refer to my previous post “6 Reasons Why We’ve All Been Looking So Forward to Getting Back to School”. And I mean the only real downfall of it all could perhaps be that we are suppose to start attending classes again, but I mean who actually does that unless it’s exam day (losers).


Heading back to school also means it’s time for my mom to start getting clingy and tell me that calling her twice a day is NOT enough because she misses me so much, for my dad to ask me why there is a picture of me with my face in a pizza box at 2 AM, and for the both of them to start questioning me as to where all my money is going. And for those who are as lucky as I am and have two parents who never went to college (THANK GOD they still ended up being so successful), then the best response is: well mom and dad, you never went to college, so you just don’t get it.



By Rachel Giovanello




For all the mothers and fathers out there: if you’re reading this, don’t be offended that your offspring look so forward to getting back to college any time they’re home for more than 72 hours.

#1 When I’m home, my mom likes to play a little game called 21 questions. Have you eaten yet? What did you have for breakfast? For lunch? Have you been drinking enough water? How are you feeling? Did you take your vitamins today? News flash ma, if I am able to survive on my own at school, I can still manage at home without all of these questions. But don’t get me wrong, I still love that woman.


#2 Even though we’re still broke, being home means sucking up to grandparents, aunts, uncles, or whoever is easily guilt-tripped into giving you money. Or maybe others even do what I do and take it as an opportunity to steal a 20-dollar bill out of daddy’s wallet whenever he has too many 20s to even notice. So now you get to get back with a bit of extra cash, and we all know… the more money, the merrier (because that means more drinks, more late night pizza, etc).


#3 Not moving from the couch for a whole day while binge-watching Netflix or any TV show for that matter – without our parents making us feel bad about ourselves – lets us feel like we actually are being pretty productive. I completed the entire first season of Californication in ONE day? Beat that, sista.


#4 There is no such thing as judgment day. We don’t have a curfew and we can bring as many different boys home during one week as we wish. Best of all, we can sleep at a guys’ place and walk home the next morning without feeling like it’s the walk of shame, but instead the stride of pride, the victory lap, or even the laid parade.


#5 Drinking at any time of the day or any time of the week is totally acceptable. Whether it’s on a Tuesday night or right when you wake up on a Saturday morning, what does it matter? Also how we drink is another great advantage of being at school. Whether we drink from the bottle, the box, or chase a shot with ketchup (yes I have unfortunately witnessed someone chase a shot of vodka with ketchup), either way we have no parental units telling us what we can and cannot do.


#6 Lastly, whenever we wake up with a horrible hangover, the yearning for carbs and grease begins that very second. However, being in the presence of our parents or any civilized adults prevent us from living life to the fullest, and by that I mean shoving as much food as possible down our throats every second of that entire day.



After weekends away, summer tans and vacations nobody wants to be sitting at their desk listening to their professors babble on about finance or bio. Here are some helpful tips on how to ease to pain and have a smooth transition back into school life.

  1. Go back a few days early, this will allow you to see your friends, relax and get yourself into the right mindset before classes start. You can start to unpack, restock your groceries and look at your schedule.
  2. Plan something fun to do the weekend or even day you and your friends get back to school. This can be something as simple as a pregame for a night out, or a dinner. This will give you something to look forward to.
  3. Get a head start, buy cute school supplies and purchase a planner. You can even start looking at your class syllabi. This will help you feel organized and prepared for your classes so you are not stressing out the night before.
  4. Get involved on campus. Remember all those cool clubs you signed up for (chocolate club, skateboarding club, hookah club..) check your email and see if they have any meetings coming up. This could give you something else to look forward to.
  5. If these tips are not enough, don’t worry, you still have syllabus week to help you adjust. Take advantage of it.


Top 5 Places to Study at the University of Delaware (In no order cause I said so)

Check out these 5 student submitted study locations. As an incoming freshman, I wish I had this information when I first arrived. As a senior now I am passing on my wisdom and hiding spots to maximize study/work efficiency and minimize distractions. Pass this along! Hopefully it can help some of you! If it doesn’t, well that sucks…

Third Floor Morris Library
Whether you want…sorry ‘need’ to finish that 15 page paper due tomorrow morning at 8am or need to become best friends with your TI 84 for that Calc 2 homework, third floor Morris library offers a close to silent studying opportunity. Quiet, spacious, and tons of books…What more could you ask for?!?

Harker Lab…or ISE Lab to us old farts.
Harker Lab has multiple floors to complete any medial task you have. Modern, clean, and relatively quiet, Harker Lab gives you the opportunity to make the most of the allotted time you gave yourself to study, do work, or even make conference calls. But if you would rather procrastinate, that’s fine too… We once were college students too.

Gore Hall
When classes finish, Gore Hall provides open classrooms for students to use, which even include overhead projectors. So if you are lucky, you can even play TV on them to waste your time! Fun! No. Study! Gore offers 3 wonderful floors of classrooms, ranging from mid sized lecture rooms to small group discussion based rooms. It also offers some not so wonderful stairs so beware. P.S. those stairs are a workout! Located on the Green it offers students the chance to look outside and see how miserable they are inside.

Smith Computer Lab
Although this is in the basement of Smith Hall, and we all don’t like stairs, Smith Computer lab offers a plethora of PC and Apple computers, printing, and tables to do work and delegate others to do your work for you. Smith Computer Lab is a great place to cram, especially if you have an exam in one of the huge lecture halls in Smith Hall. The staff are friendly and so are the other students too. Go check it out!

Trabant Chapel
Last but not least the Trabant Chapel. In addition to offering Chick-A-Fil, and other delicious but unhealthy food options, Trabant offers the Chapel. Which once used to be a place of worship, has now been transformed into a place of asking for forgiveness because school is hard and you would rather be outside having fun with friends. The Chapel is extremely quiet, has many outlets and tables (made of rich magonhey, jk I don’t really know), making it a perfect space for North Campus students and others to pilgrimage to and study their a**’s off!

– WM





Having friends over for this first time at your new off-campus place? This is a super easy and cheap snack that you can make to impress them!

What you’ll need:

Pita bread

Olive oil (or oil of your choice)



Canned black beans



For the pita chips –

1. Cut or rip the bread into smaller pieces

2. Cover them in olive oil

3. Garnish with pesto and/or garlic or desired toppings

4. Heat in the oven at 400 degrees for fifteen min


For the bean dip –

1. Put beans, salsa, olive oil, and garlic into the blender

2. Blend for three minutes




The Outdoor Pool

Although the pool is only open from Memorial day until Labor Day, if you are taking a summer class or are down at University of Delaware for a weekend, it’s worth taking a visit. There are two water slides and they are usually playing 104.5 on the loud speakers so your guaranteed to have a good time. It’s located right by UDairy so if your hungry you can stop by afterward!


The Ice Skating Rink

Next to the pool is the UD ice skating rink which is open year round! Don’t know how to skate? You can even take a class for CREDIT here, which is probably the second most fun class you can take here, after beer tasting of course.


Multimedia Design Center

Need a GoPro, Ipad, Laptop, Tripod, etc. for you next amazing project? You can rent of all those things and more at the Multimedia Center in the basement library! There are also free photoshop classes, discounted printing, and dvd rentals with all you favorite shows.


The Indoor Climbing Wall

Sometime the gym just doesn’t do it, so why not try indoor rock climbing instead. After a one time orientation, you can climb instead of lifting weights at the Little Bob whenever you want!