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1. Make other friends
You may love your roommate now, but if you ONLY hang out with each other you are bound to get into some fights.

2. Set aside time for each other
Make it a thing to cook dinners together every Sunday night or get drinks after class one day a week. This lets you create a fun tradition you can look forward to every week.

3. “Do it” when your roommate isn’t home
College apartments have thin walls. To avoid any awkward fights, do it when they aren’t around…or just invest in a REALLY loud fan.

4. Negotiate
As much as you would like, you can’t always get what you want. Learn to give up things in exchange for others.

5. Respect their stuff
Don’t eat all their food or use their stuff without permission. Just because you live together, doesn’t give you the right to snoop through their things. Be respectful and ask before you take.



It’s never too early to start looking for an apartment. Here are some helpful tips when moving off campus and into your new apartment!.

Important things to know:

  1.     You may need a cosigner. For those of you who don’t know what that means (I didn’t) this can NOT be one of your dumbass friends who buses at Cafe Gelato; it has to be someone who can financially back you aka your parents.
  2.     Get roommates – it is so much more affordable and fun! Plus there isn’t a lot of single apartments near campus.
  3.     You will need to put down a security deposit (honestly you might think your getting this back – your not; after a day at Grotto’s punching your bedroom wall might just seem like fun).

Must have things:

  1.     A toolbox
  2.     A plunger
  3.     Dish towels
  4.     Window blinds

Once you move in:

  1. Inspect your apartment and note any concern or repairs that needs to be taken care of. This will make sure you don’t get charged for anything that damaged before you moved in and will help you get things fixed right away.
  2. Make sure to get there before your roommates do so you can get first pick on rooms.

Questions you should ask (or just look on Udwell because landlords can be sketchy):

  1.     What’s the monthly rent? When is the rent due?
  2.     How much is the security deposit?
  3.     What is the parking situation like?
  4.     Am I able to re-paint the walls or make other modifications?

1. Create a cleaning routine

To avoid having a huge mess, create a cleaning routine so that things never get out of hand. Things like always putting your dishes away or wiping down the counter-top can make a huge difference

2Designate a junk drawer

A junk drawer will save you clutter in the future. Everyone ends up accumulating “junk” in their apartment that could come in handy at one point. By containing it to a specific location, it eliminates a mess and is a lot easier to short through

3. Get the right supplies

Just because you have multiple things in your apartment to clean, doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on different cleaning products. An all-purpose cleaning spray can do the trick for almost anything. Other must-have products are a Swiffer and vacuum and you can easily grab those on Main Street

4. Use a sponge

A sponge can be used to clean other things than just your dishes! Use it to scrub away gung in your fridge, microwave or oven!

5. Stay focused

If you see your apartment is getting bad, set aside an hour to clean with your roommates. Don’t leave the TV on or any distractions. Stay focused and clean and you will see a huge difference.