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End of August

From the blog of “A Day in the Life of a 20-Something Year Old” 

Well since I haven’t written on what was my new blog since Nam, I figured what better way to start back up again with a back to school post?


So what does it mean when August is coming to its end? That summer is basically over. That it is officially time to start packing your things, convince your mom you have absolutely NO clothes and need to go back to school shopping, and do whatever has to be done for some last minute cash – because if you’re anything like me, then you’ve wasted away all of your money over the summer on clothes you didn’t need, sushi and frozen yogurt which you also probably didn’t need, and of course adventures in NYC (for Instagram – example below).



Most importantly, the end of August means that it is time to head back to school. Which of course is the time most of us have been looking forward to since finals ended back in May. But as for the select few who aren’t thrilled to get back to their college grounds… then, well, that’s just weird. Because this begins a new semester where we get to reunite with all of the people we love to be around, where there is no such thing as drinking too early or too much (the same goes for eating), and where we have absolute freedom. And if you don’t remember why or are not fortunate enough to know why getting back to school is so fabulous, please refer to my previous post “6 Reasons Why We’ve All Been Looking So Forward to Getting Back to School”. And I mean the only real downfall of it all could perhaps be that we are suppose to start attending classes again, but I mean who actually does that unless it’s exam day (losers).


Heading back to school also means it’s time for my mom to start getting clingy and tell me that calling her twice a day is NOT enough because she misses me so much, for my dad to ask me why there is a picture of me with my face in a pizza box at 2 AM, and for the both of them to start questioning me as to where all my money is going. And for those who are as lucky as I am and have two parents who never went to college (THANK GOD they still ended up being so successful), then the best response is: well mom and dad, you never went to college, so you just don’t get it.



By Rachel Giovanello




After weekends away, summer tans and vacations nobody wants to be sitting at their desk listening to their professors babble on about finance or bio. Here are some helpful tips on how to ease to pain and have a smooth transition back into school life.

  1. Go back a few days early, this will allow you to see your friends, relax and get yourself into the right mindset before classes start. You can start to unpack, restock your groceries and look at your schedule.
  2. Plan something fun to do the weekend or even day you and your friends get back to school. This can be something as simple as a pregame for a night out, or a dinner. This will give you something to look forward to.
  3. Get a head start, buy cute school supplies and purchase a planner. You can even start looking at your class syllabi. This will help you feel organized and prepared for your classes so you are not stressing out the night before.
  4. Get involved on campus. Remember all those cool clubs you signed up for (chocolate club, skateboarding club, hookah club..) check your email and see if they have any meetings coming up. This could give you something else to look forward to.
  5. If these tips are not enough, don’t worry, you still have syllabus week to help you adjust. Take advantage of it.