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Top 5 Places to Study at the University of Delaware (In no order cause I said so)

Check out these 5 student submitted study locations. As an incoming freshman, I wish I had this information when I first arrived. As a senior now I am passing on my wisdom and hiding spots to maximize study/work efficiency and minimize distractions. Pass this along! Hopefully it can help some of you! If it doesn’t, well that sucks…

Third Floor Morris Library
Whether you want…sorry ‘need’ to finish that 15 page paper due tomorrow morning at 8am or need to become best friends with your TI 84 for that Calc 2 homework, third floor Morris library offers a close to silent studying opportunity. Quiet, spacious, and tons of books…What more could you ask for?!?

Harker Lab…or ISE Lab to us old farts.
Harker Lab has multiple floors to complete any medial task you have. Modern, clean, and relatively quiet, Harker Lab gives you the opportunity to make the most of the allotted time you gave yourself to study, do work, or even make conference calls. But if you would rather procrastinate, that’s fine too… We once were college students too.

Gore Hall
When classes finish, Gore Hall provides open classrooms for students to use, which even include overhead projectors. So if you are lucky, you can even play TV on them to waste your time! Fun! No. Study! Gore offers 3 wonderful floors of classrooms, ranging from mid sized lecture rooms to small group discussion based rooms. It also offers some not so wonderful stairs so beware. P.S. those stairs are a workout! Located on the Green it offers students the chance to look outside and see how miserable they are inside.

Smith Computer Lab
Although this is in the basement of Smith Hall, and we all don’t like stairs, Smith Computer lab offers a plethora of PC and Apple computers, printing, and tables to do work and delegate others to do your work for you. Smith Computer Lab is a great place to cram, especially if you have an exam in one of the huge lecture halls in Smith Hall. The staff are friendly and so are the other students too. Go check it out!

Trabant Chapel
Last but not least the Trabant Chapel. In addition to offering Chick-A-Fil, and other delicious but unhealthy food options, Trabant offers the Chapel. Which once used to be a place of worship, has now been transformed into a place of asking for forgiveness because school is hard and you would rather be outside having fun with friends. The Chapel is extremely quiet, has many outlets and tables (made of rich magonhey, jk I don’t really know), making it a perfect space for North Campus students and others to pilgrimage to and study their a**’s off!

– WM




Unfortunately, you can’t move off campus until you are a sophomore. So here are some tips to help you survive dorm life until you can finally get a suite off-campus place.

Talk to EVERYONE – This is the one time in college everyone is looking for new friends, take advantage. It will never as easy to meet people as it is now next year, no matter where you live in Newark.

Study outside of your room – The dorm rooms are messy and loud, don’t try to study here. UD has plenty of places to go study in quiet. Just between Morris Library and the chapel in Trabant you are guaranteed to find your own desk area and with everyone studying around you, its hard not to feel pressured to stay concentrated. Plus then you can use your desk as extra closet space!

Friday nights are fun but Saturday morning is better – Its easy to drink a ton on a Friday night after a long week. Just don’t let that ruin your entire Saturday by being hungover. Saturday day drinks (better known as “dages”) are what UD is known for, so go easy on Fridays if you are having a hard time swallowing Burnettes at 9 am.

Don’t loft your bed – This may seem like a great idea to utilize space; which it is. But unless your planning to not drink all semester, you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself an accident. Don’t believe me? Go ask my freshman roommate how it felt to fall 10 feet during a post dage nap.

Go to the floor meetings….or don’t – Your RA will probably hold some meetings, especially in the beginning of the year, in order to get to know each other and plan some activities for the floor. This is a great way to meet people and make friends, but if you get invited to a big bbq by a sophomore you know from home, don’t sacrifice going just for a floor meeting. Just make an effort to meet people, it doesn’t matter how you do it!