Ultimate “cures” to a hangover

After a long weekend of partying and drinking, it is inevitable that you will get the worst hangover the next day. Leaving you not able to do your homework, go to the gym or anything else productive you planned to do. Here are some quick tips on how to quickly cure your hangover:

1. Drink Water – As you already know…or should know by now. Alcohol dehydrates you. Chug a bottle of water before you go to bed and continuously drink it the next day. I suggest putting it out by your bed before you take that first shot because your drunken self might not remember reading this.

2. GREASY FOOD – Now you finally have an excuse for a bacon, egg & cheese and not feel that bad about the calories.

3. Pickle juice – Ok, don’t freak out. This seriously is probably the best (legal) hangover cure I know. It gives you electrolytes without any sugar, which is exactly what you need to stop the nausea & dehydration. Eating a regular pickle works too but the “juice” is better and goes down quicker.

4. Natural herbs – Ok, don’t make me actually say it, but this is an obvious one. Oh, and green tea is a pretty solid herb alternative for nausea without all that other good stuff.

4. Drink more alcohol – All-you-can drink mimosa specials or make-your-own Bloody Mary bar, pick your poison. You won’t feel hungover until you stop drinking again 😉

Cheers & happy hangover!