1. Create a cleaning routine
    To avoid having a huge mess, create a cleaning routine so that things never get out of hand. Things like always putting your dishes away or wiping down the counter-top can make a huge difference
  2. Designate a junk drawer
    A junk drawer will save you clutter in the future. Everyone ends up accumulating “junk” in their apartment that could come in handy at one point. By containing it to a specific location, it eliminates a mess and is a lot easier to short through
  3. Get the right supplies
    Just because you have multiple things in your apartment to clean, doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on different cleaning products. An all-purpose cleaning spray can do the trick for almost anything. Other must-have products are a Swiffer and vacuum and you can easily grab those on Main Street
  4. Use a sponge
    A sponge can be used to clean other things than just your dishes! Use it to scrub away gung in your fridge, microwave or oven!
  5. Stay focused
    If you see your apartment is getting bad, set aside an hour to clean with your roommates. Don’t leave the TV on or any distractions. Stay focused and clean and you will see a huge difference.