Started in 2013 through the UD’s Horn Entrepreneurship program, Udwell is the only student-run off-campus housing portal for students, parents, and landlords alike.

At a time when life’s key processes, such as finding a place to rent, were all starting to move online, a few UD students decided to employ one of the core principles taught in the Horn Entrepreneurship program: see a need, fill a need. Since 2013, Udwell has been the University’s leading authority for off-campus housing, offering marketing strategies to landlords that no other housing company can employ.  These unique marketing services include student-owners advertising directly to students on campus in the Trabant Student Center’s kiosks, as well as flyer distribution campaigns at various locations on campus with the highest foot traffic. Udwell also utilizes cutting-edge website design technology to ensure every user has a great experience when browsing  

Udwell prides itself on developing and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with the most prominent landlords in the Newark area, including Tsionas Management and Lang Development Group.  These two landlords control approximately half of all the off-campus solutions for the University of Delaware’s students. Their continued presence and success on the Udwell site helps to make it the premier destination for UD students and parents to find their next housing solution.